Raspberry Pi Error – Entering kdb (current=0xce82ac80, pid 1) due to Keyboard Entry kdb>

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Saw the following error when trying to boot my Raspberry Pi:

Entering kdb (current=0xce82ac80, pid 1) due to Keyboard Entry kdb>

I determined that it was an error with the SD card and this is how I fixed it.  I took the SD card and put it in a USB SD card reader and plugged it into my Windows 7 machine that has a Mythbuntu (64 bit) Virtual Machine running in Oracle VM Virtualbox.  I mounted the USB drive in the VM and used GParted to determine what the mount path was.  In this case it was “/dev/sdc2”.  I then launched the terminal application and used the following command:

sudo e2fsck -f -v /dev/sdc2

After quite a while and answering yes a million times the process was done.  I then unmounted the card, put it back in the RPi and it booted fine.

Hopefully this is helpful to someone else out there (and hopefully this will help me to remember what I did to fix the problem last time).

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Many thanks !!

I launch several times the command until some errors exist
But it’s fix my boot error on my rasp Pi

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