Connect to Netgear WGT634u Running OpenWrt

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There are a few ways that you can connect to your Netgear WGT634u running OpenWrt.  You can use the web interface, ssh, or WinSCP.  This post will describe each of these options and some of the features of each.


Note:  PuTTY and WinSCP will require that you set a password for the administration account since they do not work with password: blank.

Web Interface

You can use the web interface at the IP address assigned to your router ( by default username: root, password: blank).  The web interface gives you access to most things that you need for simple configuration of your router.


PuTTY will give you a command line interface to the router.  This can be used in both TCP/IP and serial.  When using TCP/IP just connect with the IP address.


WinSCP allows you to see the files on the router in a Windows Explorer type interface.

Note:  When setting up the connection use type SCP.


For this method you will need to build a USB-to-Serial cable (see my other post).


  1. Select Serial as the connection type and set the com number for the port the usb is plugged into and set the speed to 115200.
  2. Plug the adapter into the USB port, and plug it into the router.  Now power up the router.
  3. Now click open and the connection should initialize.  If you don’t see anything come up in the terminal press Ctrl + C and it should echo back something like “Press enter to activate this terminal”.
  4. Once you are connected you will see a linux like promp.  You can now use it like a normal linux terminal.

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