Enable Wifi on WGT634u Running OpenWrt Backfire

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For some reason by default the wifi drivers are not included in the OpenWrt Backfire image for the WGT634u.  However it is very easy to get it up and working using the web interface.  The following steps outline the method that I used to enable wifi on my WGT634u running OpenWrt Backfire:

  1. Access the router using the web interface on user: admin password is blank (unless you have changed it)
  2. Click the Administration link on the right hand side to get the administration menu options
  3. In the menu on the top left go to Overview >> LuCI Components
  4. Scroll down to the lower list of components that can be installed, find kmod-madwifiand click the link to the left to install it
    • If you don’t see kmod-wifi then use the link at the top to refresh the list of components that can be installed
  5. Once it is installed then go to System >> Reboot and reboot the router

If all went well then you should see the light come on for the wifi and you should see the wifi in the menu.  Now you can configure it to connect to your network.  By default the wifi is disabled, so you will have to enable it.

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Thank you very much!!! This Tutoiral was very helpful

Thanks for your help.
For the backfire/10.03.1/brcm47xx version, the procedure evolved a bit.
In the System -> Software menu, you need too chose Action tab and Available packages tab and in the K tab
look for kmod-madwifi
and press install.
If not found, you can check on te ftp site
It is present!
It is the needed to refresh the list, but i can not find anymore where was this option!
But i did get kmod-madfi installed through the web-gui.

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