How to Build a Serial Cable for the Netgear WGT634u

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If you end up messing up your router and you are unable to access your router via the web interface you will need to build a serial cable.  In this post I will show you how to build a serial cable.  For this ordered a CA-42 off of eBay for $5.

  1. First you should test your cable to make sure that you don’t have a dud.  Plug it into your computer and check to make sure that the drivers are installed and the cable is recognized.
    • I had to search for the drivers online and try a couple of different drivers before it was recognized.
    • To see if it working properly look at the device manager (Start >> Run >> type devmgmt.msc and look for Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM #)) and make sure that there is not warning on that entry.  If you unplug the cable the entry should go away.  Note that this is also how you find what com port it is on.
  2. Now that you know the cable is good and have the drivers installed, cut the nokia plug off leaving a couple inches of cable to test with.  Strip the cables and using a multimeter check which color wire goes with which pin.
    • Mine was 8-Blue-Ground, 7-Green-Tx, 6-White-Rx but yours may be different.
    • Don’t worry about power since we will not need it.
  3. Now using the power connector for a floppy drive connect the ground, Tx, and Rx wires in the following order: yellow-Ground, black-Rx, black-Tx.
    • Note that the power connection is not needed.

The following pictures show the pin out for the CA-42 and the router serial plug:

wgt634u PCB


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